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Traffic Shaping Engine for NetWare 3.2.0
A bandwidth manager / traffic shaper for NetWare
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Updated: 26 Oct 2004
File Size: 2MB
License: Eval
Download 1:  tse320.zip
Home Page: http://www.trafficshaper.com/
Publisher: Robert Charles Mahar
E-mail: infoTAKETHISOUT@TrafficShaper.com
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Traffic Shaping Engine (TSE) 3.2.0 NLM runs on NetWare 4.xx, 5.x, and 6.x servers to manage server bandwidth and provide traffic shaping capabilities to the NetWare OS. The TSE operates at wire speed to actively manage bandwidth and cures many of LAN/ WAN/Internet bandwidth problems--including excessive file downloads--by allowing you to limit, prioritize, reserve, monitor, and audit bandwidth consumption.

The TSE manages traffic passing through or generated by the server, and manages the traffic of BorderManager, GroupWise, web servers, or any other NetWare base services. The TSE is rule based anc can perform complex tasks including creation of "penalty boxes" for workstations / users who send virus related traffic or use excessive amounts of bandwidth. The TSE also serves as a powerful filtering tool to perform filtering too complex for IPFLT.

The TSE features DiffServ/TOS tagging, Priority Queuing, Filtering, Rate Limiting, Threshold driven Rates, Auditing, Packet Capture, and more. The TSE can manage the individual data streams of workstation, TCP connection, sites, networks, or any other arbitrary criteria, applying arbitrary data rates to each. The TSE can monitor, audit, and capture traffic, dynamically maintaining lists of active connections--again based on arbitrary criteria. These lists can be tested by rules, or used by the audit process to record a history of actual bandwidth usage. The TSEs connection list import/export allows connection tables to be saved, edited and loaded dynamically to impose custom bandwidth limits for hundreds/ thousands of workstations, etc. These files can be modified by hand, or generated by Perl/Java/Novell Script, providing a way to create custom CGI/web-based management interfaces for the TSE. The TSE scales to assign individual rates to 1,000,000 simultaneous TCP connections, handles more than 60,000 packets per second, and is ideal for managing LAN as well as WAN/Internet bandwidth.