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Monitor all network directory activity.
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Posted: 18 Apr 2002
Created: 10 Apr 2002
File Size: 23.2 MB
License: Evaluation
Download 1:  DirectoryAlert
Publisher: NetVision
E-mail: infoTAKETHISOUT@netvision.com
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Whether the threat is internal or external, NetVision's DirectoryAlert protects the brain of the network--its directories--by alerting in real-time when security violations occur. DirectoryAlert provides important details about unauthorized events that can nail the perpetrator and assist in preventing violations from reoccurring.

DirectoryAlert provides real-time security, auditing and reporting on any and all objects within the NDS tree. DirectoryAlert lets administrators know immediately who is making changes to NDS, what changes are occurring, when they are occurring and in which part of NDS.

DirectoryAlert can also, as a result of a directory change, launch an application or actually modify NDS with a fully customizable Visual Basic script, automating policy enforcement. This is like locking down the bank vault while the hold up is in progress rather than finding out from a report days later that the bank was robbed.