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Provide real-time alerting of unauthorized data access and server operations.
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Posted: 18 Apr 2002
Created: 10 Apr 2002
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License: Evaluation
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Home Page: http://www.netvision.com/
Publisher: NetVision
E-mail: infoTAKETHISOUT@netvision.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Requires DirectoryAlert; however, DirectoryAlert does not need to be licensed to run ServerAlert only. ServerAlert is installable from the DirectoryAlert download.

ServerAlert deters both internal and external attacks on networks by providing real-time alerts when unauthorized and otherwise suspicious data and server activity occurs. It's the only real-time, scalable alerting product that secures network data and servers from unauthorized activity. Real-time ActivityAlerting ensures that you are alerted whenever unauthorized data and server activity occur such as file open, file creation/deletion, loading/unloading server applications and low memory problems.

DirectoryAlert and ServerAlert are event-driven systems. This means that an event is only triggered and DirectoryAlert and ServerAlert only take notice when a directory or server event occurs. They do not affect the core network operating system and can be installed and uninstalled with no impact on the operations of the network.