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Display the names and sizes of all the NDS-related files in the hidden SYS:_NETWARE directory.
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Updated: 26 Apr 2002
Created: 9 Apr 1999
File Size: 32KB
License: Evaluation
Download 1:  ndsdir.zip
Download 2: ndsdir.zip
Publisher: Peter Kuo, Ph.D., DreamLAN Network Consulting
E-mail: PeterTAKETHISOUT@DreamLAN.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

NDSDir is a NetWare NLM utility to display the name and sizes of all the NDSrelated file from the hidden SYS:_NETWARE directory. It is a handy tool todetermine the total size of your NDS database files, including any backup files(created by DSREPAIR) that may be hogging your SYS: volume disk space!

As an added bonus, NDSDir allows you to copy any and all the NDS-related files from the SYS:_NETWARE directory to a "standard" directory so you can back up these files (see the section in the enclosed HTM file for more information). Although NetBasic shipped with NetWare 4.11 (but not with NetWare 5) and earlier versions of Novell's TOOLBOX.NLM allows you to gain access to the hidden directory, but they can'tmanipulate all of the NDS-related files as NDSDir can.

NDSDir also provides a very cost-effective method for backing the NDS of asingle-server NetWare 4 or NetWare 5 network. When used in conjunctionwith FSTrust, you can backup your server with any non-NetWare-aware backup solution!

See NDSDIR2.HTM enclosed in the ZIP file for detailed information about NDSDir.