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User Management Stylesheet
Attribute-driven XSLT stylesheet for DirXML 1.1 that can create, delete, modify users and move them from one OU to another.
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Posted: 3 May 2002
Created: 25 Apr 2002
File Size: 3KB
License: Free
Download 1:  ets-04251800.zip
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Publisher: Raymon Epping
E-mail: REppingTAKETHISOUT@novell.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

The XSLT stylesheet is based on the Delimited-text file driver that is delivered with DirXML 1.1.

It is based on the following attributes (that are defined in the driver properties):


It works with input files that follow this format:

Parker, Peter, "STATUS-FIELD= ACT | UIT | ANN | DOU | OVG | OVR | PAC", Spidey@JuniorPress.com, +14441324324, +14441324911, +14441324002, SuperHeroes

It will do the following:

If the Title field (=corresponding to STATUS-FIELD!) =
Create the user if it did NOT exist in the eDirectory.
Modify certain attributes of a user that already exists.

Delete the user if it exists in the eDirectory.
If the user does not exist in eDirectory, display a message but make no changes.

Modify or Move the user, if the user has a add-attr='Internet EMail Address' move the user to the OU that corresponds to the add-attr='Description' field of the user.
If this Organizational Unit does not exist -> create it and move the user to it.
If this Organization Unit does exist simply move the user to it.
Modify is not worked out because it was the intention to show how to move.

*** At the moment the stylesheet does not react on Modify | Delete events.
*** The move does NOT change the User, it only moves it from one OU to the other.