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NLM Inventory Tool 2.2
Use MS Word and MS Access to inventory the NLMs on your servers and other Config.txt file data.
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Updated: 17 Nov 2004
File Size: 226KB
License: Free
Download 1:  nlm-config_database.zip
Publisher: Chris Premo
E-mail: cpremo@TAKETHISOUTmedbd.ca.gov
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

I created a process to import the server Config.txt file data using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access 2000. Originally, I created this program to just inventory the NLMs on my servers. This version incorporates almost all the data in the Config.txt file.

I haven't created any reports on the additional data yet. (All recommendations greatly appreciated).

Currently, the generated report list the NLMs loaded on each of the servers. The report has a column for each server that lists the NLM name and version that's loaded on the corresponding server. The report highlights those NLMs that are out of sync with the highest version loaded on any server.

Changes for 11/17/2004 Version 2.2: Consolidated all Server Settings Tables into one to allow for growth of Server Service Settings. Changed code to match this change. Adjusted forms to pull from the consolidated table.

Changes for 11/16/2004 Version 2.1: Added a new table to accomidate Novell Storage Services.

Changes for 11/15/2004 Version 2.0: This version discontinues the use of the Onsite Admin Pro program.