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CCDF - Columnify Comma Delimited Files

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In Brief

Convert your comma-delimited data to columnar data.


Product Categories:
  • DirXML
  • eDirectory
  • Functional Categories:
  • Batch File
  • Inventory
  • Secure Identity
  • Posted:1 Aug 2001
    File Size:74KB
    Publisher: Pinnacle Software


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Some programs can not read comma-delimited data but can understand the data if it is arranged in columns. Now you don't have to rekey your data; you can reformat it with CCDF. CCDF is also useful when you need to create a quick tabular report. Fully functional shareware.

    The CCDF package contains a batch file, named START.BAT, which provides you with some demonstrations of CCDF.

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