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Use Perl script to produce an .axt from an entire directory structure .
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Posted: 22 Sep 1999
File Size: 1KB
License: Free
Download 1:  makeaxt.zip
Publisher: Mark Poole
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

I had an application that was totally contained in a directory structure (no registry entries, no files in windows/sys, etc.) I didn't feel like doing a snAppShot just to copy some files, but adding them manually inside of NWAdmin is even less fun. So, I wrote this Perl script to do it for me. When it runs it will ask for three directories:

  • The directory where the files are now
  • The location you are going to distribute them from
  • The location you want them distributed to

It will then copy all of the files to the Source_path (which must exist), and create an .axt file you can use to make a NAL object to copy them to your machines. It follows all NAL conventions (renames the files to #.fil, and creates a filedef.txt, creates macros, etc.)

To run MakeAXT you need Perl, which is available for Win32 platforms at www.ActiveState.com.