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In Brief

Import or export file system trustees.


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  • eDirectory
  • NetWare
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  • Secure Identity
  • User Management
  • Posted:20 Sep 2002
    File Size:296KB
    Publisher:Peter Kuo


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    FSTrust is a pair of DOS utilities that will read the file system trustee assignments, both directory and file trustees as well as ownership information, into/from a text file using NDS mode, i.e. trustee names are in NDS format rather than object ids. You can use FSTrust to manage your file system trustee assignments faster and with more flexibility than NetWare's RIGHTS or FILER utilities.

    FSTrust is comprised to two programs: gTRUSTEE and pTRUSTEE. The gTRUSTEE program retrieves file and directory trustee information from either a bindery (NetWare 3.1x) server or NDS (NetWare 4.x and higher) server and stores the information into an ASCII text file. Under NetWare 4 and higher, each server has its own set of user object ID for a given NDS user object. For example, for NDS user object Peter, on Server A the object ID may be 012345 while on Server B,the same NDS object may have an object ID of 892345. Therefore, if you backup the file system trustee information using object ID instead of object name, you could lose the file system trustee information if you restore a file after an NDS reinstall. Therefore, to overcome this problem, gTRUSTEE stores the information using full NDS names.

    Long file name (LFN) support added! The latest version of FSTrust includes options to extract and restore file trustee information to directories and files with long names, even on NSS volumes in a cluster environment!

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