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NDS Report Generator 2.16

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In Brief

Generate complete NDS or NetWare reports.


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  • eDirectory
  • NetWare
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  • Monitoring
  • Secure Identity
  • Posted:17 Feb 1998
    File Size:886KB
    Publisher:Thomas Botta


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This tool generates complete documentation reports from NetWare 2.x/3.x and 4.x servers. Retrieves all of the information which is stored within the bindery and NDS. You can archive the generated logfiles or convert them into Word documents.

    • Report Generator retrieves previously defined configuration parameters from Novell servers or NDS trees, into a file (.log file), which can be saved for configuration comparing and archives or be used to generate a fully-formatted MS Word (TM) document which can be printed and presented to customers.
    • Documentation of NDS trees with all object classes/attributes and syntaxes. There will be an ASCII file with all of the information saved within NDS - this way all of the NDS extensions (such as GroupWise etc.) will be also documented.
    • Report Generator does not work with a static list of object classes/attributes and syntaxes, instead it uses the information stored in the NDS Schema Partition to retrieve all the information including new object classes/attributes or syntaxes which have been defined by 3rd parties.
    • You can also retrieve the complete bindery information available from older bindery based servers (NetWare 2.x and 3.x) In this case also properties from 3rd parties can be documented (they are optionally printed as hex dumps).
    • There are many ways to customize which information to retrieve. You can save your customized reports into "Job" files which can be used again to retrieve the same type of information.
    • Report Generator also can be used to retrieve directory contents from individual locations and save it into the .log file. The information retrieved not only contains the file date/time/size and attributes, it even includes version information. Report Generator tries to retrieve version information which has been included in files, either the standard used in the Windows environment (Version info) or the "VeRsIoN"/NLM header mechanism used by Novell.
    • You can also include which individual configuration files are dumped into the .log file. This way you can specify to dump information in the autoexec.ncf or netinfo.* files or other configuration files used by 3rd parties.
    • Using the included 'rghelper.nlm' you can also retrieve information from the servers boot partition. Thus you can document the directory contents and versions of the local partition and the contents of the autoexec.bat, config.sys and startup.ncf files. In addition you can use this tool to retrieve the list of loaded NLMs (including their description and version) and the values of the set parameters on 3.x servers (for 4.x servers this information is available without using the helper NLM)
    • An included Microsoft Word (TM) Add-On (Word 6.0a/7.0/8.0) can be used to convert the .log files into more readable documents which have also an index and a contents directory.
    • The program itself is a Windows (16-bit) executable which runs under Windows 3.x/Windows 95 and Windows NT. It does not need any setup program or installation script, and can even be run from diskette.
    • Report Generator can be used in German or English languages. Online documentation is available for both languages in Windows help format.

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