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Lurker32 2.51 - Newsgroup Message Database

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In Brief

Conveniently find tidbits of information from newsgroups.


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  • NetWare
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  • Database
  • Posted:15 Jul 1999
    File Size:7.5MB
    Publisher:Craig Stevenson


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Lurker 32 is a Newsgroup Database and Offline Mail Reader! Download an entire newsgroup full of messages into a local database for fast sorting, searching, browsing and printing. Use Lurker to create your own tech support resource using the combined knowledge of the newsgroup members.

    Why post a newsgroup message and wait several days for a response? In many cases, someone else has experienced the same problem, posted the same question, and received a solution. With Lurker, the answer is only a few minutes away... instead of a few days away!

    Features include Power Search (full-text), Quick Search (indexed), Message Tagging, HTML support, Sort in Ascending or Descending Order, Search Word Highlighting, Save As Text, Batch Downloads, MDI Interface, and the ability to read messages during downloads! Network support is included!

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