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NDS Admin 3

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In Brief

Change passwords, reset grace login counts, and reset intruder detection lockout.


Product Categories:
  • Account Management
  • eDirectory
  • Functional Categories:
  • Secure Identity
  • User Management
  • Posted:20 Feb 2003
    File Size:289KB
    Publisher:Peter Kuo


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    DS Admin is a simple helpdesk-type utility that allows authorized users to perform the following tasks:

    • Change NDS password for NDS users;if you have NDS4NT (or now known as Novell Account Management 2.1, or NAM 2.1) installed, the NT password can also be changed; however, has not been fully tested with NAM 3.
    • Change password expiration dates.
    • Reset grace login limits.
    • Reset intruder detection lockouts.
    • Disable and enable user accounts.
    • Change number of concurrent logins.
    • Change (DS) account expiration date.
    • An audit log file of "who-did-what-when".

    Using NDS Admin, you are NOT required to grant any special NDS rights to the users to perform the above functions.

    This is especially important in the case of changing passwords in the NetWare 4 environment -- the W NDS right to the ACL of the user object is required and can lead to unnecessary security issues. Although this shortcoming was addressed by Novell in NetWare 5 and higher with the new Change Password NDS attribute, but it does not give helpdesks the necessary rights to reset grace logins and so on. As a result, you are still required to make additional manual NDS rights assignments in order to set up a "full functional" helpdesk. NDS Admin saves you from having to do that, with additional customizable security features.

    A client/server model approach is used by NDS Admin. The server engine logins with an user id that has the required NDS rights; the clients don't need any special NDS rights (just file system rights to a specific directory in order to pass "messages" back-and-forth with the server engine). This tool also provides the helpdesk personals with a "light weight" front end utility so that they don't need to access the more "bulkier" NETADMIN,NWAdmin or ConsoleOne programs just to change a password. Furthermore, NDS Admin provides an auditing log of "who-did-what-when".

    What's New

    • Version 3.0 and higher supports the setting of Password Expiration Time and enabling of disabled accounts. (For details, see last entry in the Limitations section.)
    • Novell Certified for NetWare 5. YES Bulletin #48484
    • Version 3.27 introduced a 32-bit GUI client, and the DOS interface has been discontinued. New features added are listed in blue in the Introduction section.
    • Version 3.28 Build 15 (Client) increased the number of search context from 10 to 20.
    • Version 3.28 (NLM) fixed handling of timeout in searching.
    • Version 3.32a (NLM) / Version 3.31 Build 18 (Client) added support for NDS4NT environment--will change passwords for both NDS and NT should a user be a member of a NT domain and has NDS4NT installed.
    • Version 3.51 (NLM) / Version 3.51 (Client) added option to view disabled ID info but not able to change it to enabled.
    • Version 3.56 (NLM) / Version 3.56 (Client) added option to disable the browser function in the client GUI.
    • Added DOWN_ENG.NLM to the package. This allows you to shutdown the engine from the server console a little easier. Also allows you to schedule NLM shutdown using CRON or similar tools.
    • Version 3.83 (NLM) / Version 3.83 (Client) added option to support DS login expiration.
    • Version 3.91 (NLM) / Version 3.81 (Client) added options to log security violations.
    • Version 3.92 (Client) no longer shows Licensed To in the splash screen --but you can obtain that info from the About box (which really comes from the NLM engine).

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