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In Brief

Set "Shrink Path To Dot = NO" in the NetWare DOS Requester.


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  • NetWare
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  • Configuration
  • Posted:6 Feb 1998
    File Size:1KB
    Publisher:Alan Adams


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This Windows 95 INF file creates the "Shrink Path To Dot" registry key with a default value of "No" in the NetWare DOS Requester section of the Client 32 / intraNetWare Client for Windows 95 registry branch. Includes un-install via the Add/Remove Software" control panel.

    This yet-undocumented setting used to make NetWare search drives more reliable under Windows 95 by using full path references in the PATH environment variable. (i.e. "Z:\PUBLIC" rather than "Z:.")

    You must have a C:\Novell\Client32\CLIENT32.NLM file dated 11DEC1996 or later for the "Shrink Path To Dot" key to be recognized.

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