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In Brief

Bind IPX to the correct network address.


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  • Posted:17 Oct 1997
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    Publisher:Novell Consulting


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Safebind NLM recognizes the correct network address and Binds IPX to the new Network address. If Safebind NLM is installed, moving the server from one network to another becomes very simple. The Parameters to the SAFEBIND NLM are same as BIND command.


    1. Copy SAFEBIND.NLM in the SYSTEM directory.
    2. In the AUTOEXEC.NCF,
      Replace BIND IPX ...
      by LOAD SAFEBIND IPX ...


    1. Safebind NLM will try to recognize the Network address on the current Segment. If it gets the Network address, It will override the NET=... with the new address.
    2. If this is the Only Server, (No other servers or router present on this NETWORK), SAFEBIND will bind IPX to network address provided on the command line with NET parameter.
    3. Under case 2, if the NET address is not provided, SAFEBIND will prompt for the Network Address.


    Safebind NLM has been tested with NetWare Version 4.10 and is designed to work with all NetWare 4.x versions. It will not work with OS version 3.x.

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