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MBC 3.6 - Broadcast HTML Messages

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In Brief

Display HTML messages to network users.


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  • Posted:2 Oct 2003
    File Size:381KB
    Publisher:Niels Sprenkeling


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This program can do anything you ever wanted to do with pop-up news messages for your network users.

    Now includes a mbc-config file to configure the ini files.

    No nagging screens --just HTML pages, created by the supervisor. Expiration date is set per file and the user can decide to have the message display again or delete it. Includes print and history functions.

    Small, fast and simple. Totally customizable - interface, text and icons can be changed, and it's all totally free!

    MSVBVM50.DLL required.

    Run it from your loginscript. Make sure the user has a 'home dir' defined.

    For further instructions, please refer to the included mbc_v331.pdf file.

    Changes with Version 3.6
    - Add the text <!--ND> to your HTML pages, and when viewing this page, the delete button will disappear off the interface. So the Users can't 'delete' this page and it will always be viewed.
    - Send an e-mail to to get a free code to start the program.

    Changes with Version 3.5
    - Buttons can be made invisible (use a '-' as text label)
    - Font color and type can be set in the MBC.INI file
    - The option /hist can be given at startup to start in 'history mode'
    - An 'exit' icon is added for this history mode to exit the program

    Changes with Version 3.31
    - MBC.DAT (or USER.DAT) file is always flagged HIDDEN and READ-ONLY
    - You can start the program in 'history mode' (all html files are displayed) with the param. /hist
    - To display a message between to dates so you can schedule messages, use

    in the HTML file, use
    <!--BTW>mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy</BTW-->

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