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DirXML 1 Grace Login Fix

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In Brief

Stylesheets that fix grace logins getting out of sync when using the NDS to NDS driver.


Product Categories:
  • DirXML
  • eDirectory
  • Identity Manager
  • Functional Categories:
  • Secure Identity
  • Stylesheets
  • Posted:11 Apr 2002
    File Size:16KB


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    The DirXML team has provided a successful workaround for DirXML 1.0x where attributes of SYN_COUNTER do not sync correctly (NDS to NDS driver).

    These stylesheets implement the workaround. You may need to add some customization to get the specific functionality required in your environment.

    • subeventxform.xsl goes in the event transformation rule in the source tree subscriber.
    • pubeventxform.xsl goes in the event transformation rule in the destination tree publisher.

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