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LDAP Browser/Editor

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In Brief

A user-friendly interface to LDAP directories with browsing and editing capabilities.


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  • Posted:30 Apr 2002
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    License:Free for non-commercial / evaluation purposes
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    Publisher:Jarek Gawor


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    The LDAP Browser/Editor provides a user-friendly Windows Explorer-like interface to LDAP directories with tightly integrated browsing and editing capabilities. It is entirely written in Java with the help of the JFC (SwingSet) and JNDI class libraries. It connects to LDAP v2 and v3 servers.

    LDAP Browser/Editor requires Java version 1.2.2 or greater.

    • Browsing, searching and editing of the DIT.
      • Browsing
        • easy navigation through the hierarchical DIT
        • viewing of entries' contents
      • Editing
        • adding, removing, modifying and editing of a single entry or an attribute
        • copying, renaming, deleting, and moving entries or entire sub trees inDIT
      • Searching
        • search results can be saved into an LDIF file
    • LDIF support. Entire trees and single entries can be easily exported to and imported from LDIF.
    • Object templates. Object templates are used for creating and adding new entries. The templates can be manually or automatically (from existing entries) created.
    • Binary value support. Attribute contents can be saved or loaded from a file.
    • LDAP v3 aware. Handles and manages referrals, allows for specifying and displaying operational attributes and also for retrieving the naming contexts from the server root DSE.
    • SSL support.
    • Drag and drop, copy-and-paste interface. Allows for copying and pasting or dragging and dropping entries or attributes between multiple instances or within a single instance of the browser.
    • Named sessions. Allows for working with LDAP severs with different configurations.
    • Attribute viewers/editors. Each attribute can be associated with a particular viewer/editor that helps to display/edit the contents of the attribute in a specific manner.
      • Built-in viewers:
        • CertificateViewer for displaying certificate information
        • ImageViewer for displaying any .GIF or .JPG images
        • PasswordEditor for verifying and generating MD5, SHA and Unix Crypt passwords
      • Custom viewers:
        • can be written by users and easily plugged-in into the browser
    • Applet support. The browser can be ran as a signed or unsigned applet within a web browser.

    Check the web site for latest updates and documentation. LDAP Browser v2.8.2 beta 2 is now available for download.

    See licensing information. Both binary and source code licenses are offered.

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