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In Brief

Diagnose and troubleshoot NDS trees.


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  • eDirectory
  • Posted:18 Apr 2002
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    Publisher: NetVision


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    DSMedic is included in the installations for DirectoryAlert, ServerAlert, and Synchronicity.

    DSMedic is a set of tools that you can use as you deploy and diagnose DirectoryAlert, ServerAlert, and Synchronicity. DSMedic can also help you diagnose and troubleshoot NDS trees.

    With DSMedic, you can report information including the following:

    • Tree Mapping--partitions, replicas, servers, number of objects (by container), hidden objects, inherited rights, and NetVisionproducts.
    • Check GES/ServerAlert Coverage--NLM files, remotely view details and settings, load, unload.
    • Test GES--test for events and protocols.
    • GES Container Summary--details about ACLs, version, GES configuration settings, GES product licenses, GES client list, GESmanaged servers, and GES event objects.
    • Agent Config--service agent configuration details.
    • Client Properties--preferred and configured protocols, operating system and version, computer name, log on domain and user, processor type, and physical memory.
    • Connection Info--connection number, connection type, tree name, user ID, server name, server version, and primary connection.
    • Current NT Account--authorization and network logon information.
    • Loaded DLLs--file path and filename, version, expected version (compared to the specified .dpn file), and the number of times the .dll file has been loaded.
    • File details--dependencies, filename, version, expected version, owner, default load address, and other details (including a file's build date and time) for each dependency file.
    • RPC Activity--port activity for a specific computer and port number.
    • Server Information--server status, OS version, NDS version, loaded NetVision NLM files, server performance and use, connections, file system, garbage collection, router and SAP, IPX/SPX, server CPU,set commands, LAN Board configuration, LSL statistics, protocol stack, cache buffers, set commands, and schema classes and attributes.
    • Server File Management--remotely distribute files, load or unload files, and append load commands to the AUTOEXEC.NCF for files on the selected servers (so that NLM files automatically load when the server restarts).
    • Disk Usage Summary--disk usage by volume, by owner, directory, or file types using filters.

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