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inGOT 4.0

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In Brief

Charge for Internet use.


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  • Updated:19 Mar 2003
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    Publisher: Liverton eCommerce


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Fully functional five-user version.

    InGOT is an application for a Microsoft NT/2000 or Novell NetWare network that operates in conjunction with Microsoft Proxy Server v2.0 or Novell BorderManager 3. InGOT allows you to monitor and report on Internet usage through the proxy server, charge users for this usage as it is consumed on a pre-paid basis, and block further access when a user's account becomes empty.

    • Recover costs for Internet access at a highly configurable level.
    • Apply usage charges on a peak/non-peak hour basis.
    • Apply a discount for non peak-hour traffic. Construct a detailed charging structure.

    Requirements for Novell NetWare and BorderManager environment:

    • inGOT requires the Novell BorderManager 3 proxy server running in a NetWare 4.1 (or later) environment using Novell Directory Services.
    • BorderManager must be configured to log internet requests to 'common' and 'extended' text log files.
    • The NT workstation or server running inGOT must have the Novell NetWare Client for NT loaded to enable inGOT to access the NDS tree.
    • inGOT must have administrative privileges on the NDS tree to grant and deny internet access through BorderManager.

    For more information, see this article.

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