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NDSPIE: NDS Printing Import Export

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In Brief

Move or update print queues in batch-mode.


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  • Posted:25 Apr 2002
    File Size:187KB
    Publisher:Peter Kuo


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    If you have a lot of print queues to move, the NDS Printing Import Export (NDSPIE) utility is your answer. It is the batch-mode version of HostEditor!

    The NDSPIE utility is designed to change the Host Server/Device/Volume/Queue Directory attribute values of (legacy) printing-related objects (such as Queues and Print Servers) in NDS without having to delete the objects and then recreate them., in a batch manner. (If you only need to update a few objects, our HostEditor utility can be used instead.)

    NDSPIE has been tested with NetWare 4.10 and higher, including NetWare 5.1 and works with all versions of NDS.

    Find out more about moving legacy print queues from the Novell AppNotes article "Moving Novell's Legacy Print Services Between Volumes and Servers"

    Specifically, NDSPIE and HostEditor are designed to address the following four issues:

    • Print Server objects
    • Print Queue objects
    • Directory Map objects
    • Volume objects

    See NDSPIE1.HTM enclosed in the ZIP file for detailed information about NDSPIE.

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