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In Brief

Make your users sign the dotted line electronically. Updated with new features.


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  • Posted:29 Apr 2004
    File Size:1.56MB
    Publisher:Keith Medlock


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Recent Update:

    • Auto resizes for 640X480, 800x600 and 1024X768
    • Pulls Novell Login ID and NT ID if not using DLU.
    • Reports Computer name and document the users agrees to.
    • Built in timer function
    • Ability to drop user toggle file to a non root mapped network drive

    This version requires a separate support file for which I have included an MSI to install required files on computers without the correct support files, with can be run with the /q option to do a silent install. This should greatly reduce compatibility issues.

    4-28-04: Updated User instruction document. Requested additions and fixes.

    6/5/2002 Update:

    • Disable taskmanager while program is running
    • Hide desktop while running
    • Run program on exit from disagree button
    • Disable system keys
    • Command line option to turn off menus on the main form for the users

    When you have a document that the user community needs to acknowledge that they have seen and agree to, use MessageAlert to have them electronically "sign" the document. It creates a log file of their responses, and you can even cause the user to be logged out of the computer if they do not agree with the terms of the document.

    Fully customizable, including the document it displays and what is printed on the buttons.

    Just go thru the settings and select what options you want to activate.

    For additional information, see this article.

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