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In Brief

Shows version and other interesting file information.


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  • Posted:26 Feb 2002
    File Size:7.56KB
    Publisher:Gabor Funk


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    VERSION.COM is a command line utility which:

    • Gives information on Novell NLM and EXE files based on Novell's internally used strings such as VeRsIoN, CoPyRiGhT and others.
    • All sorts of Novell identification (even the unknowns for Novell).
    • 2.x serial and application number, VAP name.
    • 3.x SERVER.EXE serial and application number, address, hexa dump.
    • 4.x LICENSE serial and application number, user count, upgrade, SFT III, OEM ID, FLAG
    • Compressed and plain NLM, NLM Copyright, version and revision, date, start address, autoload modules (except if compressed).

    NLM types:

    Copy VERSION.COM to a search drive, (such as F:\PUBLICor C:\WINDOWS), open a DOS prompt, then for example, issue:VERSION.COM F:\SYSTEM\INSTALL.NLMto obtain information on INSTALL.NLM
    Or simply issue:VERSION.COM INSTALL.NLM if your current path is F:\SYSTEM and if VERSION.COM is available on any search drive.

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