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Trustee Rights Task

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In Brief

Document Trustee Rights with this task that will then generate another task to recreate/transfer the Trustee Rights.


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  • Posted:9 May 2002
    File Size:11KB
    License:Free. Requires TaskMaster or TaskMaster Lite
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    Publisher: Avanti Technology, Inc


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Generate a listing of the Trustee Rights for a volume (or directory tree), then parse the information to create a .TSK file that can be used as backup/disaster recovery and to recreate or replicate the rights on another Server.

    This example generates two files: SYS:\RIGHTS.LOG and SYS:\RIGHTS.TSK.SYS:\RIGHTS.LOG documents the Trustee Rights for the SYS: volume.SYS:\RIGHTS.TSK is a TaskMaster .TSK script to recreate/replicate the rights.

    Fully commented and documented task script, which can be modified or enhanced as desired. Fully compatible with Avanti Technology's TaskMaster or TaskMaster Lite (v3.16 or later) evaluation or live software.

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