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In Brief

Diagnose NetWare 5.1 server problems through the NetWare management portal utility.


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  • Posted:17 Nov 1999
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    Publisher:Fabio Eduardo Elias


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    These example applications are presented as a lab exercise to demonstrate how to run Web applications on a NetWare 5 server. The applications are intentionally simple and are independent of any particular development and run environment (for Java servlets).

    Although this is a technical exercise to demonstrate how to run applications, its goal is not to teach you how to program. However, it can help in this purpose, and consequently AppNotes has included simple, concise, and easily editable code.

    See the November 1999 AppNotes Article "Using NetWare 5 as a Web Application Server".

    NOTE: "Using the new Novell Servlet Gateway 2.0 the command SG4NWCFG described on page 28 of the AppNote must be changed to NSGCFG."

    Novell Cool Solutions (corporate web communities) are produced by WebWise Solutions.

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