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NetWare Server Monitor for Win32

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In Brief

Monitor the overall status of multiple NetWare Servers.


Product Categories:
  • NetWare
  • Functional Categories:
  • Monitoring
  • Server Utilities
  • Posted:7 Jun 2002
    File Size:255KB
    Publisher: Computer-Aided Engineering


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    NetWare Server Monitor is a Win32 toolbar for monitoring the overall status of multiple NetWare Servers. It does this by polling the servers over TCP/IP and displaying their overall status as GREEN, YELLOW, RED, or UNREACHABLE. You have control over which servers it displays to monitor polling frequency, timeout, and logging information. You can specify a URL to launch, specific to each server.

    It is intended to be a replacement utility with a smaller memory footprint, screen real estate and processor usage than leaving NetWare Remote Management running all the time.

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