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NWCli 1.1

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In Brief

Shutdown client programs prior to Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU).


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  • Novell Client
  • ZENworks
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  • Remote Control
  • Posted:16 Aug 2002
    File Size:406KB
    Publisher:Tommy Mikkelsen


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Have you ever needed to shutdown software from a workstation before updating the client?

    I had a situation where I had to shut down NAL and the antivirus software before updating the client. Since ACU doesn't support "PreDistribution-Scripts" like ZENworks does, l created NWCli to accomplish the task.

    8/16/02: Updated to support Client V4.83SP1

    How to use:

    From LoginScript type:
    #NWCli /Version:4.80SP1

    This will return errorlevel 0 if the workstation is running V4.80SP1, and errorlevel 1 if not.

    To test which version of Client32 a workstation is running, run NWCli /GetVersion.

    To see CommandLine Parameters, just run NWCli.

    Also, by using exit/term in the login script, this tool can be used to ask the users whether or not they want to accept the client update now.

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