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ENGL Ztoolkit for Windows 2000/XP

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In Brief

Simplify and automate ZENworks imaging.


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  • Posted:5 Nov 2002
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    Publisher: ENGL


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    The Ztoolkit is a suite of utilities designed to help administrators automate the build process and deployment of Windows 2000 and XP using ZENworks for Desktops.

    Included in the Ztoolkit is a Sysprep-wrapper called Zdrvpath that allows hardware drivers to be separated from a ZENworks base image and distributed using add-on images. This has the advantage of removing the need to frequently update the base image, instead add-on images can be created for each hardware vendor in your organization.

    To automate and customise your Windows 2000/XP build, the Ztoolkit includes self-ccntained command-line driven utilities to:

    • Read/write to the ZENworks Image-safe Data (ZISD)
    • Perform shutdowns, logouts, reboots, hibernation, suspend
    • Change display resolutions
    • Change the computer name using WMI or manual input (Zcnc 2.x)
    • Launch application extensions, i.e. Office XP shortcuts (MSI)
    • Perform file system grooming, purging, emptying the recycle bin
    • Perform Windows automation, i.e. pushing buttons
    • Adding Workstations to Workstation Groups

    In addition to the software, full documentation is provided to help you automate your Windows 2000/XP build, including step-by-step procedures.

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