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In Brief

Provides NLM-based GroupWise Virus Scan Enabling Services.


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  • GroupWise
  • NetMail
  • NetWare
  • Updated:22 Apr 2005
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    Publisher: Omni Technology Solutions Inc.


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    It's no wonder that people are frustrated when they have to deal with spam in their GroupWise mailboxes.

    And what about viruses that are propogated by email attachments from unprotected systems?

    Email is now a more important business communications tool than the telephone of fax. Companies rely on email to communicate with their customers, vendors, partners, and stakeholders and use email to build their business.

    How does your company protect itself from being the subject of the types of horror stories we see and hear in the media about employee dishonesty, insider trading, email fraud, unsavoury jokes, sexual harassment and many of the other email-borne challenges that exist today?

    GEE Whiz for GroupWise and NetMail and the full GWAVA family of GroupWise security solutions help your company be email secure.

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