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NetWare Config Reader 2.67

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In Brief

Analyze the config.txt file produced by CONFIG.NLM.


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  • Posted:10 Sep 2002
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    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    The Config Reader (v2.67) is a Windows 95/98/NT client utility that analyzes the config.txt file produced by the CONFIG.NLM (available in TABND2A.EXE).

    Newest features:
    -Year2000 compliancy
    -Support for NetWare 5 servers
    -Misc minor bug fixes
    -Checks for menuing systems in config.sys
    -Onsite Admin Pro has been removed from this version
    CFGRD6B.EXE replaces CFGRD6.EXE
    Installation Instructions

    The Config Reader will only run on Windows 95/98/NT workstations. It will not run on Windows 3.1x systems.

    To install: First delete your existing novelldb.ini file (in your windows/winnt directory). Run the setup.exe file. An automated installation will install the utility and create the icon. Symptom

    The config.txt file produced by the CONFIG.NLM or by the CONFGNUT.NLM contains a great deal of detailed information regarding the state of my NetWare server. Sometimes the config.txt file can be in excess of 50 pages of information. Is there a quicker way to analyze the information provided rather than doing it manually?


    Use the Config Reader utility to automatically analyze the information gathered in the config.txt file. The Config Reader will give you suggestions of how you can update or correct problems on your server. It can tell you what patch sets patches on your server belong to and also allow you to keep track of updated nlm's like DS.NLM and CLIB.NLM. There is a database the Config Reader uses that keeps track of the patch sets and other nlm's. This database can be updated by the user as new patch sets and nlm's become available.

    Config Reader features: - Download a Novell-controlled database via FTP
    - Print Suggestions
    - Tell you what file to download if an NLM is "out-of-date"
    - Compare two servers' configs side-by-side
    - Maintain customized DB that will merge with Novell DB
    - Auto read ABEND.LOG file from config.txt

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