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AdRem Free Remote Console 5

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In Brief

Free remote access to NetWare server console.


Updated:9 Sep 2005
File Size:1.76MB
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Publisher: AdRem Software


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AdRem Free Remote Console (Freecon) is a freeware utility for fast eDirectory-enabled access to the NetWare server console that that uses IPX and TCP/IP. Due to the custom compression algorithm, the program makes it possible to work effectively over very slow and overloaded Internet and WAN connections. Users can discover servers via SLP, view and work on many console screens of a single server, switch easily between servers and create shortcuts to servers. No server-side installation required. Unlike the DOS-based RConsole, Freecon does not overload Windows and supports NetWare 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and OES NetWare.

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