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In Brief

Add global signatures and perform Virus scanning.


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  • Posted:15 Oct 2002
    File Size:385KB
    Publisher: Stack Computer Solutions


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Originally released 1/8/2000 continually updated

    GroupWise Footnote is a simple NLM solution to scan incoming e-mails for virus infection and to add automatic signatures to outgoing Internet messages. Footnote can also deny e-mails with specific subject lines, for example, the I LOVE YOU Virus or by Attachment Extension type.v1.30d.

    New notification options have been added to e-mail the recipient or sender when messages are held because of virus, subject line or attachment extension matches. Supports multiple e-mail domains. GroupWise Footnote consists of an easy-to-install server-based NLM that is run alongside the GroupWise Internet Access agent (GWIA). Outgoing signatures or notification messages may be easily changed using NWAdmin32/C1 by editing the GWIA object in NDS.

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