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In Brief

Install the NDSAuto Cool Tool to multiple servers.


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  • Posted:25 Oct 2002
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    Publisher:Scott McClelland


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    I used NDSAuto from Cool Tools, and found it to be very useful. Since there was no easy way to install it to multiple servers, I created a batch file which turned out to be useful for many other purposes.

    Purpose: Install NDSAuto (or other files, after modifying the batch file) to multiple servers, or to a single server entered from the command prompt. Can be modified to run any commands, such as copying updated slp.cfg or host files, checking volume space, or gathering logs.

    To Use: Copy this batch file to the directory containing NDSAuto Files (e.g. c:\ndsauto)Edit variables in the "User Input" section, or use a single server as a parameter (e.g. "c:\ndsauto>Install_NDSAuto FS10").(syntax: set var=text (no spaces around '=')

    Variables that can be modified by the user:
    Drive letter: Default = R:
    MyFilepath: Default = . - (current directory).

    Server Names: = Default = FS101 ... FSxxx (Enter your server names, as required)
    Commands to run: Default
    CMD1= copy %MYFILEPATH% r:\system > nul
    CMD2= copy r:\etc\crontab r:\etc\crontab.old
    CMD3= copy %MYFILEPATH%crontab r:\etc\crontab.nds
    CMD4= copy %MYFILEPATH%cron.msg r:\system\NLS\4

    If you have already tested NDSAuto and want to modify crontab, you can change CMD5 to set CMD5= copy r:\etc\crontab.nds r:\etc\crontab,
    or change "CMD3= copy %MYFILEPATH%crontab r:\etc\crontab.nds" to "CMD3= copy %MYFILEPATH%crontab r:\etc\crontab"

    Note: If you are currently using crontab for something else, then you will want to modify the crontab in your source directory before running the batch file.

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