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SSLock for NDS 6.2

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In Brief

NDS-aware console-locker that has many screen-saver-like features, such as security.


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  • Posted:21 Jul 2003
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    Publisher:Peter Kuo


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Though not designed to be a true "screen saver" (as it does not draw fancy graphics), SSLock for NDS is an NDS-aware console-locker that has some screen-saver-like features. When SSLock is in the keyboard "locked" mode, it takes over as the current screen and displays some text in random locations on the screen so as not to burn the screen in. Its auto-lock feature will secure the console keyboard even if you forget to. For the security-concerned administrators,SSLock has built-in logging functions to keep track of who unlocked or unloaded the NLM and when. It even has a "intruder detection warning &lockout" feature!

    The SCRSAVER NLM shipped with NetWare 5 and higher requires you to have Supervisor object rights to the server object in order to unlock the console.SSLock is much more flexible. You can define users to be member of a group in order to unlock the console (but not unload the NLM). To unload the NLM (i.e. to turn it off), the user needs to be a member of a different group. Users that have Supervisor object rights to the server object can unlock and unload SSLock .

    SSLock for NDS works with NetWare 4.10 and higher. [We also have available SSLock3X , a bindery-based works with NetWare 3.12 and higher (but not with NetWare 4.0 and higher--this is by design). We are no longer adding features to it but it is still available upon special request.]

    Included with v6.13 and higher is a GUI client module that can be used to control the locking, unlocking, and unloading of SSLock from a workstation (over IP). This is also a handy feature in NetWare 6 environments where there is currently a bug in RCONJ (not fixed yet in SP2)--when a screen saver (SSLock or even Novell's own SCRSAVER NLM) is active,RCONJ will report "screen destroyed" upon connecting to the server. At this point, you have no further access to the server. However, using the GUI module (called SSUnLock), you can remotely unlock the console and RCONJ will then allow you full access to the console.

    What's New

    • Novell Certified. YES Bulletin #49612
    • The bindery version, SSLock3X, is 'frozen' at v4.71 and no new development work will be done to it, unless specially requested.
    • Version 4.80 adds pseudo-contextless authentication.
    • Version 4.85 adds option to disallow use of emergency bypass and changed IDLE limit to be between 5 seconds and 3600 seconds (one hour).
    • Version 4.93c/4.94 adds options to set a server-specific PIN to authorize the use of emergency bypass, and to set the lockout reset timer. Also added ability to execute an NCF file when intruder is detected.
    • Version 5.13 and higher supports screen-locking via RCONJ in pure-IP mode.
    • Version 6.13 and higher supports sending of alerts via SMTP e-mail, and includes a GUI client module (SSUnLock).
    • Version 6.20 allows display of some legal text before unlocking the screen.

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