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VB Script to Analyze BM Log Files with BRDSTAT

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In Brief

VB script copies files from BorderManager server and parses them into files for the BRSTAT utility to work with.


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  • BorderManager
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  • Secure Access
  • Statistics
  • Posted:27 Nov 2002
    File Size:2KB
    Publisher:Brian O'Dwyer


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    The loganal1.vbs script makes use of WSH (v 5.6) to copy the files into a local directory. It uses a freeware GREP utility to parse out the 403 forbidden records into separate log file and then runs brdstat to generate the html files for one day's log.

    The use of script is to automate the procedure of getting logs from a Novell BorderManager server and then running the BRDSTAT utility.

    This utility works with clusters or non-clustered BorderManager systems. It can be adapted to work with larger clustered systems or the agrep utility can be used to pull out specific records.

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