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LDAP Benchmark Tester

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In Brief

Test the speed of your LDAP searches with this simple, multithreaded tester program.


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  • Posted:16 Dec 2002
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    License:Free - Send email if you like it.
    Publisher:Richard Stubbs


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    I was frustrated with the lack of benchmarking tools to test the effectiveness of our LDAP server when querying a large tree spread over geographical locations. LDAP is a core component of many new tools (iFolder,iChain, etc.) So I wrote a quick benchmark program with which you can submit LDAP searches to the LDAP server and get back a response time.

    This is very useful when you are trying to optimize your Filtered Replicas and Indexes. The program will allow you to query any attribute and will auto-generate search strings if required. It is multithreaded so simultaneous queries can be sent to the sever (be aware of the limitations of your PC however - 1000 threads tend not to work to well on most PCs).

    Basic Instructions are included.

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