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Stream File Utility RLSTRSHW 1.1 for NDS
Shows an NDS object's stream attribute valuefrom a command line.
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Posted: 1 Mar 2004
Created: 15 Oct 2003
File Size: 34KB
License: Free
Download 1:  rlstrshw.zip
Download 2: rlstrshw.zip
Publisher: Rick Laughinghouse
E-mail: rick_laughinghouseTAKETHISOUT@yahoo.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

RLSTRSHW Object AttrName

Object -- Distinguished name of an object.
AttrName -- NDS attribute to display.
/? Help -- Displays Help.

RLSTRSHW .Object.OU.O AttrName
RLSTRSHW .ParkingGarage.OU.O "Login Script"
RLSTRSHW Jerry "Login Script"
RLSTRSHW .NWAdmin32.ZEN.OU.O "App:Copy Files"

Stream file attributes include Login Scripts, and many ZENworks object attributes (i.e., App:Registry Settings, App:Copy Files, and App:INI Settings.) Stream File utilities will display the contents of a stream file, search and replace stream files, and synchronize stream files between objects.

Also see also RLSTRSRC 1.2 for NDS, which searches and replaces an NDS object's stream attribute value from a command line, and RLSTRSYN for NDS, which synchronizes an NDS Object's stream attribute value from a command line.