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In Brief

Automate some critical NDS processes and keep a history.


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  • eDirectory
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  • Background Processes
  • Secure Identity
  • Posted:10 Jan 2003
    File Size:7.69MB
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    Publisher: Innovative SoftSystems


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    With this utility:
    a) You can schedule NDS Tools to generate a DIB set on a server, then copy out the DIBs to a central location.
    b) You can have NDS Tools generate a TRUSTEE back on your server and copy the file to a central location.
    c) Generate and copy out a config.txt.

    The Utility even grabs the dstrace.dbg* and copies it out after the process is run and keeps a history.

    Included in the installation are the following files:

    Under Program Directory:
    NDS TOOLS.DOC - Documentation on how to use the application
    NDSTOOLS.MDB - The DB that all the events are stored in
    NDSTOOLS.EXE - The application executable
    TRUST1102.EXE - Trustee NLM and Docs (Provided by Novell)
    README.TXT - This file

    Under Scripts Directory:
    BASIC.NCF - Performs basic NDS Health Check
    BACKGRND.NCF - Kick off background processes
    CLEANUP.NCF - Kicks off processes like the Janitor and Flatcleaner
    DSTOFF.NCF - sets dstrace to MIN, NODEBUG, and turns dstrace off (grabs dstrace.dbg)
    GETCFG.NCF - Loads CONFIG.NLM and copies the config.txt file
    GETDIB.NCF - Loads DSREPAIR -RC then copies DIB files
    SCHEMA.NCF - Kicks off a schema sync
    STATE.NCF - Checks current state of NDS
    TEMPLATE.NCF - Empty file with instructions to create your own NCFs
    TRUSTEE.NCF - Loads TRUSTEE.NLM and copies the trustee.txt file

    *The DSTOFF.NCF must be scheduled to run after the process, in order to reset the DSTRACE options and close the log file.

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