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In Brief

Lets you view appointments, notes, and tasks by month.


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  • GroupWise
  • Posted:2 Jan 1997
    File Size:128KB
    Publisher: AmoK


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This killer c3po lets you view appointments, notes, and tasks, drum roll please, by month. You can run it stand-alone, from the Main Window menu, or even a toolbar button.

    There are some special stipulations for this special c3po: You must have a standard install of the 32-bit client, and you must be using GroupWise 5.2. That number again: 5.2. Also, the install isn't quite as hassle-free as for other c3pos. First, download the GWMVIEW.ZIP file that contains several important files, and unzip to the directory you run GroupWise from. Next, run SETUP3PO.EXE. Notice the new menu option under the 32-bit client's Window menu: Calendar Month View. The toolbar button is a red and white calendar. And take advantage of the README.TXT file zipped in with the rest of the files. You'll thank us later.

    Editor's Note: While we try to ensure that these C3POs work properly, we can't guarantee them. And though we're happy to answer questions, they are officially unsupported. They are free, after all. Please let us know how they work for you. We'd appreciate any comments that you have.

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