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In Brief

Log out of more than one server.


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  • NetWare
  • Novell Client
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  • Server Utilities
  • Posted:17 Mar 2003
    File Size:2.4MB
    Publisher:Peter Koersgen


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This is a small tool I have written for my own needs. It simply does the same as the context-menu from the Novell Icon (Connections). In addition, it shows your own IP Address, and you can log out of more than one server with a single click (you can mark more than one connection for logout).

    It is written for Windows 2000 SP3, Client 4.81 and NetWare 5. It should run in other environments also. It will not run in NetWare 3 and Bindery.

    This tool uses Novell-OCX and some API-Calls. It's written in VB6. This Source for VB6: (you need Novell-OCX Controls) may be helpful for someone who wants to develop for NetWare. The comments in the Source Code are in German. If requested, I can translate them to English.

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