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DirXML Workflow Service Request Driver

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In Brief

Sample DirXML Workflow Request Service Driver for approval of a Title Change.


Product Categories:
  • DirXML
  • Identity Manager
  • Functional Categories:
  • Secure Identity
  • User Management
  • Posted:10 Apr 2003
    File Size:72KB
    Publisher:Willem de Pater


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.



    When a user changes their title via some sort of Self Service, this Workflow driver is triggered. An email message with the request is send to the manager for approval. The manager can approve or deny the request. The manager can also allow for automatically ordering new business cards for the user.


    The workflow request service driver is configured with some IP address in the range and is configured for running on a Windows Server. The look & feel of the driver is changed from the default, into a Digital Airlines theme. Some images refer to the exteNd Director Theme of Digital Airlines (digiair2). You can easily modify the location of these files.

    Installation instructions:

    The ZIP file contains 3 sub-directories.

    Normally you would put this directory within the NDS directory on your local disk, i.e. C:\Novell\NDS

    Order New Business Cards:
    This directory contains the separate Rules & Stylesheets for the DirXML Driver.

    exteNd Director Skin Images:
    This directory contains some additional images that the email messages need. All the Workflow files refer to the following URL: "".
    If you can, just put the images in the same location, or you can modify the different files according to the new location.

    The ZIP file also contains the OrderNewBusinessCards.XML file, which can be used to import the Driver.
    The driver has been made secure with a Certificate with the name "DirXML Certificate"

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