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Global GroupWise Distribution List Synchronization

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In Brief

Creates and Synchronizes Global GroupWise Distribution Lists.


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  • Posted:2 May 2003
    File Size:1MB
    Publisher: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Creates and Synchronizes Global GroupWise Distribution Lists based on the following naming standard:

    For all except the root it is the container name minus the root part suffixed with "_GWDL". All periods are replaced with a '_'.
    for the root it is the name of the root suffixed with "_GWDL"


    If the Run Option is Auto Create DLs

    • Select the Primary Domain Database
    • Select the NDS Tree
    • Select the starting Container
    • Specify the run mode and option
    • Click the Start Button to start the process. Start Button toggles to the Stop button.
    • Click the Stop button to Stop the process

    Once started, GWDL

    • Reads NDS and obtains a list of containers for the specified Tree and Starting Context.
    • Creates a GWDL for each container and sub-container that has one of the following:
      • users with GroupWise accounts
      • the container has sub-containers
    • If the Run Option is "Synchronize DLs":
      • Finds the GroupWise Distribution Lists, starting at the specified container. If the GroupWise Distribution Lists belong to a container that has sub-containers then it will add the sub-containers Distribution list if one was created.
      • Identifies any new users added to the container with a GroupWise account and add him/her to the GroupWise Distribution List. If users were either moved from or deleted from a container and was a member of the containers GroupWise distribution, he/she will be removed from the Distribution List.

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