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AD Filter Stylesheets

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In Brief

Filters unwanted deletions and/or edits from AD or another directory into NDS.


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  • DirXML
  • eDirectory
  • Posted:21 Jul 2003
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    Publisher:Kelvin Dam


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    These are my "filter" stylesheets. They are a pair of stylesheets that filter all unwanted deletions and editing from AD or another directory into NDS.

    If AD is the Directory in which we sync users and groups from NDS (in some cases) we don't want the AD administrator to tamper with our NDS users. Or (and this is important) -- as AD can't create groups with the same name in different contexts as NDS can, users in various groups can be deleted from there groups, based on the modify events from AD.

    This stylesheet filters and blocks that process. But, it doesn't block password sync! :-)


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