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LogDate 1.4

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In Brief

Reports on the last login date and other login related information across the eDirectory tree.


Product Categories:
  • eDirectory
  • NetWare
  • Functional Categories:
  • Administration
  • Secure Identity
  • Updated:20 Aug 2003
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    Publisher:The Gadget Factory


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    LogDate allows the administrator to scan the NDS tree and look at the last login times and other login details for users. It enables administrators to keep the tree clean by removing accounts which no longer log in, or have never been used.

    LogDate also display accounts which have been disabled or locked by Intruder detection.

    LogDate is a 32-bit NetWare program. As such it requires the workstation to use a Novell provided 32-bit client. The Microsoft client for NetWare provided with Win95 is not fully functional and does not support LogDate.

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