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Automatic Boot Recovery 1.4

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In Brief

Recovers Dial-in PC's, gateways and other operator-less machines from critical errors.


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  • Posted:17 Jan 1996
    File Size:6KB
    Publisher:Aad Slingerland


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Automatic Boot Recovery (ABR) is a small utility that recovers a PC from critical network errors or critical errors which have another cause. Normally critical errors result in the well known 'Abort, Retry or Fail' message and the PC stops processing it's application. Automatic Boot Recovery (ABR) recovers from these critical errors by rebooting the machine. ABR can be a useful addition to machines in a Novell network that are operator-less, like dial-in PC's, gateways and MHS servers. ABR is DOS based and Novell specific although it can be used on stand-alone PC's as well. Automatic Boot Recovery can also be used as a command line utility to check the existance of the IPX protocol stack or the existance of the NetWare shell (NETX). Version 1.4 adds an extra command line parameter to check the connection to a specific server.

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