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In Brief

Send SNMP-Trap to the trap-destination.


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  • NetWare
  • Posted:5 Aug 2003
    File Size:10KB
    Publisher:Norbert Anreiter


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    SNMPTRAP.NLM sends the rest of the command-line to the trap-destination address.

    With this utility you may send SNMP-traps to the trap-destination (setable in INETCFG) e.g. when server comes up, NSS-volumes are mounted/dismounted, etc..

    It's neccessary to install NSN prior to usage of this nlm, since some modules from there are used.

    Load NSNINIT.NLM prior to SNMPTRAP.NLM once!

    e.g.: (AUTOEXEC.NCF):


    Load NSNINIT

    Load SNMPTRAP File Server xxxx is restarted at the moment!

    Load CONLOG

    Load SNMPTRAP File Server xxx - Restart completed

    In the load- and unload-scripts of the cluster-resources SNMPTRAP can be used to generate SNMP trap-messages if switches occur.

    Tested with NetWare 5 AND NetWare 6.

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