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GroupWise Address Merge Utility

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In Brief

Merge multiple personal address books into a single address book tab, without any duplicatee-mail addresses.


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  • GroupWise
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  • Merging
  • Workgroup
  • Posted:3 Oct 2003
    File Size:33KB
    Publisher:Jeff Brusoe


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This utility was requested because a user had many individualaddress book tabs, with several hundred addresses per tab. Many e-mailaddresses were duplicated.

    When an e-mail was sent out to everybody,people were often getting 4-5 of the same e-mails. This program was writtento avoid that problem.

    It also makes it less time consuming to select peoplefrom multiple address book tabs to send mass e-mails out because now e-mail addressesonly need to be selected from one address book tab.

    Usage instructions are in the readme.txt file which isincluded.

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