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In Brief

GroupWise 6.5 Mail Statistics Log Parsing Program.


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  • Posted:16 Oct 2003
    File Size:32KB
    Publisher:David Pifer


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This program reads the gwcheck.log file for a MailboxStatistics run and puts each entry on a single line for each user in an output file with the kbytes in use by user's mail on the same line.

    SYNTAX is gwlogfilter.exe infile outfile

    Takes this output....

    TASK LOG - 677 (3f8769d8.ckl)

    CCTEST1 (ps8 / 5) 216 ( 8323) 108 8 297984

    ( Test Account (ISUGW1) [])

    Items to be deleted in order to get down to 999999 bytes total:

    2229 kbytes in use by user's mail

    Type From To Date Size

    ------ ---------------- ---------------- --------------

    PROCESSING COMPLETED- total processing time: 0:00:01

    And produces a single line with size users mail before only the first 25 characters of the users real name for each username / pu*.db.

    CCTEST1 (ps8 / 5) 216 ( 8323) 108 8 297984

    2229 Test Account (ISUGW1) []

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