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In Brief

NLM that prepends current time and date to a filename.


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  • NetWare
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  • Backup/Restore
  • Posted:23 Oct 2003
    File Size:3KB
    Publisher:Johannes Brunner


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    If you want to store automatically some logfiles on a netware server (e.g. via cron) in chronological order (e.g. you have some log utilities which have no roll-over support), this tool is very useful.

    The tool moves (or copies) a file within a NetWare server and prepends the current time and date to the filename. If the resulting filename is too long (max 255 chars) the original filename is truncated.

    datemove.nlm -Ssourcefile -Ddestinationdir [-C]
    The paths must be fully qualified. No blanks after the switches!

    datemove.nlm -Ssys:etc\console.log -Dsys:logfiles
    Move the console.log file to the sys:logfiles directory and rename it to (assume local time on server is 23 October 2003 16.33.12) '16 33_23-10-2003_console.log'.
    If you want to copy and rename the file use the -c switch.

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