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GNE Gwiser 2.0

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In Brief

Simplified folder management, reports, events and appointments in your GroupWise Client.


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  • GroupWise
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  • Appointments
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  • Posted:14 Apr 2004
    File Size:600KB
    License:Eval with limited functionality
    Publisher: GNE GmbH


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    GNE Gwiser is a very useful extension for your GroupWise System. Installation of this small snap-in can be done manually, by a Login-Script or with any Software distribution system. With the help of Gwiser, working with GroupWise becomes easier and more efficient.

    GNE Gwiser works with GroupWise 5.5 EP, GroupWise 6 and GroupWise 6.5. We've tested Gwiser in conjunction with other GroupWise products and Windows Terminal Server / Citrix to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible

    GNE Gwiser supports 15 different languages, including English, German, Spanish, Danish and French. Because of this GNE, Gwiser can be used in multi-language GroupWise systems. If you need a language that's not available, please contact us and we will try to translate Gwiser into the language as soon as possible.

    Gwiser is available from your local GroupWise Partner. Either contact your current partner or check out our partner page to find the nearest Gwiser partner. If you want to become a Gwiser Partner or Gwiser Expert please contact as by e-mail and we will send you a contract.

    GNE Gwiser 2.0 Features:

    Folder-Management: Create and share folders in one step. Automatically see new folders appear in the same location as created by the folder owner.

    Personalized Mass Mails: Use fields from any GroupWise address book or Excel like file as a placeholder in a mail to create personalized messages. Addresses from a file don't need to be imported into a GroupWise address book in order to be processed.

    Categories: Automatically assign incoming Messages to categories and see them display in the correct color. Associate categories based on your frequent contacts book or by domain names.

    Event-Management: Create notifications for yearly events (for example: Birthdays, Service Dates, Meetings). Manage events in a separate folder because they are not appointments and will not appear in your calendar. Define how many days before the event occurs you want to receive a reminder message. Send messages to GroupWise users and any internet address.

    Import Appointments: Import Appointments from simple text files to your calendar. Send these lists by mail and import them directly out of any message that contains an attachment with all appointments.

    HTML Reports: Create individual reports in HTML. Modify a report with any HTML capable editor. Reports can contain any field from a message, appointment, note, task or document.

    Settings can prohibit sending of private messages to the internet.

    GNE Gwiser 2.0.2 (new features):

    New "GNE Gwiser" Menu: Optimized menu structure in the GroupWise Client, now there is a own Gwiser menu.

    New Gwiser Tool Bar: Gwiser has an own tool bar with buttons which can be set on/off.

    New Addressbook-Manager: The new Addressbook-Manager with important functions like search, sort, list, mail, etc. on all or individual selected address books at the same time. You can also easily find + kill duplicates.

    New Out Of Office Rule: A new Out Of Office rule which is very simple to use.

    New Direct Import with Time Range: Direct import of files out from attachments. E.g. for importing a date-list into the calendar. A time rage can be set for displaying in the calendar (start of date / end of date).

    New Personal Settings: Personal Setting are now saved in the GroupWise Database.

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