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Portlock Storage Manager
Minimize NetWare management, setup, installation, and reconfiguration time.
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Updated: 11 Nov 2003
File Size: 5.7MB
License: Evaluation, limited by size for volumes and partitions
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Home Page: http://www.portlock.com/
Publisher: Portlock Software
E-mail: supportTAKETHISOUT@portlock.com
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Portlock Storage Manager is designed to minimize the management, setup,installation, and reconfiguration time for Novell NetWare 3.12 - 6.5servers. Copy, create, clone, image, restore, and resize DOS, NetWare andNSS partitions and volumes. Image and restore Windows FAT32 and NTFSpartitions. Disaster recovery of failed servers is very fast anddramatically simplified - no booting OS required.

Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery
Supports bare-metal restores from disk files, tape drives, CD/DVDs, FTP andWeb Servers. No other disaster recovery product offers such a breadth offeatures.

Portlock Storage Manager can completely backup or image a server includingall DOS partitions, NetWare Traditional and NSS volumes, Windows FAT32 andNTFS partitions, and all system diagnostic partitions. Portlock StorageManager supports very fast system recovery and server duplication. When adisaster strikes, a complete system can be restored from tape, CD / DVD oran FTP server. Nothing needs to be installed on the server to begin a systemrecovery.

Server-to-Server Migration
Server backup and restore supports images stored on disk files, TCP/IPcommunication links and SCSI tape drives. Third generation imagingtechnology supports streaming the very fastest SCSI tape drives, high-performance communications over TCP/IP for server-to-server cloning.

Storage Management
Portlock Storage Manager provides full-featured control over the size andlayout of DOS, NetWare, FAT32 and NTFS partitions, NetWare Traditional andNSS volumes, NetWare Storage Pools. Diagnostic partitions are alsosupported.